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  • RWC 360° Safety Pledge

    What is the RWC 360° Safety Pledge?

    RWC Building Products is proud to introduce our new safety initiative, the RWC 360° Safety Pledge. While safety has always been our top priority, open communication with the communities we serve will now be easier than ever with the addition of this new program. RWC trucks, forklifts and conveyors now feature our safety@rwc.org email. We encourage members of the community to report any safe and unsafe actions by our personnel to our safety committee.

    While we consistently strive to be the safest organization in the industry, we recognize that working with the communities we serve is the best way to ensure the highest level of safety for everyone.

    Proudly, RWC has become an industry leader in providing residential and commercial roofing, stucco, flooring, masonry, and supplies to contractors, builders, and homeowners alike. This family-owned company, now led by CEO Harley Lisherness, has grown substantially from its humble roots and currently has twelve locations spread throughout the Southwest. With a large, well-trained sales staff and an executive team with decades of industry experience, RWC Building Products has the strong foundation in place needed for continued success.