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    Genuine clay tile roofs are a timeless classic! For thousands of years, people have adorned their homes with clay tile roofs for both their beauty and lasting performance.

    At RWC Building Products, we carry a variety of clay tile roof products by industry-leading manufacturers such as US Tile by Boral, Redland Clay Tile, Gladding, McBean, MCA, Ludowici, Tejas Borja, and Chosa.
    Learn more below to select the product that best fits your needs.


    US Tile

    A Roof for the Ages

    Made from natural materials, the raw clay is literally transformed by fire. It becomes an aesthetic object shaped for time-tested style and performance, and it can remain virtually unchanged after decades of service. Clay tile roofs make a bold statement about a way of life and the art of living.

    US Tile Brochure
    Redland Clay Tile Logo

    100% Natural From the Ground Up

    Redland Clay Tile. From the heart of the land. Naturally this ideal befits the name because the clay of every two-piece Redland tile is truly of the earth. A harmonious union with the very land that helped create it.

    Historically, clay tile was formed by hand. As a result, personality was always a part of the handmade process. A process that is perfectly imperfect, with pleasurable variations in color, texture, and shape that identifies a bond between the craftsperson and the craft itself.

    Redland Clay Tile Brochure
    Redland Clay Tile Brochure
    Redland Clay Tile Color Guide
    Redland Color Guide

    Our History Speaks for Itself

    GMB Clay roof tiles are manufactured using carefully selected clays and shale’s from our company-owned rich clay reserve located in Lincoln, California. Using today’s technology and time-honored production methods the clay is then extruded, dried, and kiln-fired, resulting in a tile that looks as if it were hand made, reminiscent of a bye-gone era.

    Gladding, McBean Brochure
    MCA Logo

    Our Goal is Always Quality

    If one word were to summarize MCA (Maruhachi Ceramics of America, Inc.) and its competitively priced tile products, that word would be quality.

    With nearly a century of experience, the MCA label is known worldwide for its excellent reputation in producing roofing tiles. MCA has made a commitment to research and development so that we can be sure every tile you purchase is state-of-the-art in design, specialization, and manufactured quality.

    MCA Clay Tile Products
    MCA Clay Tile Products
    MCA Clay Tile Mission "S"
    MCA Classic "S" Mission Tile
    Ludowici Logo

    USA Made. World-Renowned.

    All Ludowici terra cotta products have been proudly manufactured in the USA for over 130 years. Our world-class clay is meticulously crafted in New Lexington, Ohio with locally sourced materials just five miles away, ensuring Ludowici tiles are 100% made in the USA.

    Ludowici Roofing Catalog
    Ludowici Roofing Catalog

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