RWC Credit Account Frequently Asked Questions

    How could my business benefit from opening a new credit account?

    1. Speed up your purchases at our counter by simply saying, “put it on my account” and signing.
    2. Stay more organized with monthly statements to better track your business expenses. No more mixing personal and business expenses on one credit card.
    3. Build your business credit with responsible spending. While your business credit score will initially be based on your personal credit score, you will find it important to build your business credit as fast as possible so that your own credit rating is not directly tied to your business.
    4. Receive exclusive RWC promotions and discounts only offered to credit account holders.

    Is all information required to be filled out on the application?

    We only request information from you that we absolutely need to process. Therefore, the more you complete, the better we are able to provide you a swift and informed decision.

    How fast will you process my application?

    Once received, we get to work right away. With a fully completed application, we are able to provide you a same day decision if we receive immediate response from your listed references. Make sure to include the summary pages of your most recent monthly credit account statements.

    Is the original application required to open an account?

    We prefer to receive your original signed application in the mail to our corporate office at:


    RWC Building Products

    Attention:  Credit Department

    1918 W Grant Street

    Phoenix, AZ 85009


    However, we also accept a legible, scanned copy sent to credit@rwc.org from your business email address as noted on your application.

    While we may start processing part of your application with a faxed copy, for authenticity and security purposes, require receipt of the original signed application in the mail or a clearly scanned copy via email.

    Will a credit report be pulled against my personal credit?

    We run a credit report on the principal owners of the business.

    How do I open a credit account without you running a new credit report?

    If you are able to provide a recent printed credit report from an official credit report agency, and we are able to confirm its authenticity, we will use the report to process your application.

    I have been denied credit by other industry suppliers recently or in the past, what should I do?

    Complete an initial credit application and consult with our credit manager to provide you with best possible options for your individual business.