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    About Our Palm Springs Branch

    What do tradespeople, contractors, builders, and homeowners in Joshua Tree, Twentynine Palms, Indio, and throughout the Coachella Valley have in common? They choose RWC Building Products in Palm Springs for all of their residential and commercial roofing materials needs. As the Coachella Valley’s leading roofing supplier, RWC Building Products in Palm Springs has the best selection of roofing materials, supplies, tools, accessories, and equipment at unbeatable prices. And thanks to our central location in Palm Springs, we are accessible for residential and commercial roofing needs anywhere in the Coachella Valley.

    Since we first opened our doors in Palm Springs, RWC quickly established itself as the best place to find the best selection of roofing products in the area. No one beats our selection, our inventory, or our roofing knowledge, all of which means you are in good hands when you shop with us. If you are familiar with RWC Building Products locations elsewhere, please note that this location only carries roofing supplies. If you are a building professional and your service area extends into Arizona, Nevada, or New Mexico, be sure to visit one of our other locations for the best selection of flooring, stucco, and hardscape products, in addition to roofing materials and supplies.

    If you have questions about our in-stock roofing inventory or need help finding roofing accessories and tools, please give us a call, stop in during business hours, or fill out the form on this page and we will be in touch with you soon. We look forward to showing you why RWC is the leading roofing supply store in Palm Springs serving the entire Coachella Valley.

    Roofing Products for a Growing Coachella Valley

    What was once a small tourist destination in the middle of a vast and empty desert has grown into a thriving community of more than 44,000 residents. Of course, Palm Springs is not alone in its growth; the Coachella Valley’s population increased nearly 7% between 2010 and 2020, according to recent census data. The population of the Valley’s nine cities, including Palm Springs, is now estimated to be more than 370,000–and there’s no signs of slowing down. Even the smaller cities in the Valley have witnessed growth, as evidenced by the demand for housing in Desert Hot Springs and the homebuilder Lennar recently finalizing a deal to build homes on 187 lots in the long-dormant Skybore community on the west side of the city.

    What does all of this mean for the tradespeople, contractors, and builders who serve Palm Springs and the surrounding Coachella Valley? Lots of homes that will need to be built, repaired, and renovated, and that will require a lot of roofing materials and supplies. Fortunately, RWC is here to serve you with the best selection of in-stock roofing materials from the brands you know and trust, at prices that will help keep materials costs low and margins high. Thanks to our selection and prices, we will help you complete any residential or commercial roofing project on time and within budget.

    As a local business, RWC also understands the seasonal needs of building professionals in Palm Springs and the surrounding areas. For example, we know that much of the Coachella Valley–especially Palm Springs–is a retirement location and a winter “snowbird” destination, which means the Valley’s population can double or even triple between November and March. That means tradespeople and contractors are usually busy during these months and have higher demand for roofing materials, supplies, and equipment, so we make sure our inventory reflects this so you can always find what you need, when you need it, at the best prices anywhere in Palm Springs or throughout the Coachella Valley.

    If you have any questions or need help finding specific roofing products, give us a call or visit our store during normal business hours. You can also fill out the contact form on this page and one of our roofing experts will get in touch with you soon.

    Commercial Roofing Products in Palm Springs

    Tourism is a major factor in Palm Springs’ economy. With millions of visitors coming to Palm Springs annually, it’s no surprise that such a small city (relatively speaking) has over 130 hotels and resorts, numerous bed and breakfasts, hundreds of restaurants and dining spots, and countless other businesses aimed at serving the 40,000 residents and millions of annual visitors. That means a lot of commercial roof space for the professional roofers and roofing contractors that work on such roofing systems.

    Fortunately, RWC Building Products is your source for commercial roofing materials and supplies in Palm Springs. Visit our store or give us a call to talk with one of our commercial roofing experts to find exactly what you need. And be sure to ask about our rooftop delivery services to discover how RWC can be of even more help on your commercial roofing project beyond our wide selection and unbeatable prices.

    Roofing for the Coachella Valley Climate

    In addition to our leading selection of commercial roofing products, RWC is also the best place to source residential roofing materials, supplies, equipment, tools, and accessories in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, Indio, Desert Hot Springs, and throughout the Coachella Valley. We stock the best selection of residential roofing products from the brands you know and trust, so you can count on us to have everything you need to complete a residential roofing project of any size anywhere in the Valley. RWC Building Products is also open to the public, which means anyone looking for shingles, clay tiles, insulation, ventilation systems, skylights, underlayment, or any other kind of roofing product for their homes can find it right here at RWC in Palm Springs.

    Residential Roofing Materials and Supplies for Coachella Valley Homes

    In Palm Springs and throughout the Valley, residential and commercial roofs are subject to long, sweltering, and arid summers, as well as near-freezing temperatures during the winter. Because the temperature typically varies from 40 degrees to 112 degrees Fahrenheit, roofing materials need to be able to withstand heat and cold at both extremes. Fortunately, RWC Building Products in Palm Springs has the best selection of roofing materials and supplies that withstand the Coachella Valley climate.

    If you have questions about the best kind of roofing product for your home, business, or for a residential or commercial project you have, get in touch with one of our roofing experts and they will be glad to assist you.

    Why Do Building Professionals Choose RWC for Their Roofing Needs in Palm Springs?

    If you ask around, you’ll soon discover that the leading name in roofing in the Coachella Valley is RWC Building Products. Of course, this isn’t surprising to anyone who has shopped with us before, as they will know firsthand our wide selection and unbeatable prices. Tradespeople, contractors, and builders in the area especially rely on RWC since we stock the largest inventory of roofing materials and supplies in the Coachella Valley, so they know they can get what they need, when they need.

    Our pricing is also a competitive advantage for many of the professionals who shop with us, since it helps them keep roofing material costs low so they can increase their margins without sacrificing quality. And thanks to our rooftop delivery services, we make it even easier for professionals to get the residential and commercial roofing products they need for projects large and small, throughout the Valley.

    If you’re a professional, you’ll also love our credit and tradesman accounts, which provide members with even more discounts on top of our already competitively-priced roofing products. And best of all, these accounts (and discounts) are eligible at any RWC Building Products location throughout the Southwest, which is great for tradespeople, contractors, and builders with service areas that extend beyond Palm Springs into Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, or New Mexico.

    If you’re interested in opening a credit or tradesman account, email a signed application to credit@rwc.org. Visit our store, give us a call, or fill out the contact form if you have any questions about applying for credit or opening a tradesman account with RWC.