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    Prescott Valley, Arizona

    About Our Prescott Valley Branch

    Northern Arizona is home to a surprisingly large number of people and businesses, which means a lot of houses and buildings that need to be built, maintained, renovated, and repaired–and that calls for a variety of building materials and supplies including roofing, stucco, and hardscape. Fortunately, you can find all of the building materials and supplies you need for personal or professional projects throughout Northern Arizona at RWC Building Products in Prescott Valley. We provide tradespeople, contractors, builders, and homeowners in Prescott and throughout Northern Arizona with the materials and supplies they need from the brands they know and trust.

    RWC in Prescott Valley is open to customers from 6 am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday. If you have any questions or need help finding a specific product, tool, or accessory, please give us a call or fill out the contact form on this page and one of our associates will be in touch with you soon. We look forward to serving you!

    All the Building Materials and Supplies You Need for the Next Chapter of Prescott Valley and Northern Arizona

    Nearly 50 years ago, citizens of Prescott Valley voted to incorporate the Town of Prescott Valley, AZ. Today, Prescott has a healthy population of 45,827, and is growing at an annual rate of 1.29%. Nearby, Flagstaff–the largest city in Northern Arizona–has grown 45% over the past two decades, faster than most similar sized cities since the year 2000. Flagstaff is expected to reach over 100,000 residents by 2030.

    Between Prescott Valley and Flagstaff alone, there are a lot of homes and buildings to erect, maintain, renovate, and repair. Thankfully, RWC is proud to be the premier building materials and supplies provider for tradespeople, contractors, building companies, and individuals throughout Northern Arizona. We service all of Prescott Valley and the surrounding towns, cities, and communities, including Sedona, Jerome, Flagstaff, and more. If you’re looking for the best selection and best prices on high-quality, brand-name building materials and roofing supplies in Prescott Valley or anywhere in Northern Arizona, look no further than RWC. Call and ask about our rooftop delivery to find out if we can deliver the building materials and supplies directly to your home or job site in Prescott Valley or anywhere else in our service area.

    Building and Roofing Supplies for the Climate in Prescott Valley and Northern Arizona

    As a tradesperson or contractor in Northern Arizona (or even as someone who lives in the higher, cooler elevations of Arizona) you know that building and roofing supplies need to withstand a range of weather conditions, ranging from surprisingly warm temperatures in the summer and bitter cold in the winter. Although the summers in Prescott Valley and Northern Arizona are not as warm as in Phoenix or Southern Arizona, homes and buildings in this area are still subject to the occasional heat wave in the summer months before combating hail, sleet, and snow in the wintertime. For these reasons, builders, contractors, and homeowners in Prescott Valley and Northern Arizona have extra-special needs for roofing, stucco, and hardscape products that can withstand a range of elements and weather conditions.

    Fortunately, RWC Building Products in Prescott Valley understands these unique building materials challenges and needs. We provide tradespeople and individuals with the materials, supplies, and accessories they need from the brands they trust to withstand the climate demands of Prescott Valley and Northern Arizona, including GAF, Malarkey, Owens Corning, Westlake Royal Building Products, ASC, Redland Clay Tile, Eagle Tile, Velux, Weatherbond, and more. Our associates are knowledgeable and experienced, and can help you find the right product for your job. We’re also open to the public, which means RWC can provide you with the best materials and supplies for any roofing, stucco, or hardscape project around your home. Call us today, come in, or fill out our contact form and one of our building supplies experts will be glad to assist you.

    High-Quality, Competitively-Priced Residential Building and Roofing Supplies in Prescott Valley

    The residential housing market in Prescott Valley and Northern Arizona is very competitive. According to the housing market experts at Redfin, the average sale price of a home in Prescott Valley was up 10% since last year, averaging around $473K. Although the average sale price of a home in Flagstaff was only up 0.9% compared to last year, homes in Flagstaff are selling for an average of $585K.

    Why do we bring this up? Well, for starters, as home prices increase in Prescott Valley and Northern Arizona, the demand for affordable housing will also increase, which means builders will require more affordable building materials to keep costs low. Of course, this doesn’t mean cheap quality supplies and materials will suffice, so builders turn to RWC for competitive prices on high-quality building materials and supplies. Increasing home prices may also mean more homeowners looking to make repairs, renovations, and add-ons that can increase their home prices further before listing them on the market. Again, RWC’s competitively-priced building materials and supplies can help tradespeople and contractors improve their margins, so you can see more profit on the increasing number of residential projects you are getting without cutting corners on cheap, low-quality materials and supplies.

    Building Professionals in Northern Arizona Get Even Better Deals on Building Products and Materials

    RWC already offers some of the best prices on building materials and supplies in Prescott Valley and Northern Arizona, but our credit and tradesman accounts provide members with even more special discounts. That’s great news for contractors, tradespeople, and builders with slim margins, and may even help make the difference between putting together a winning or losing project bid. In addition to special discounts, credit accounts also allow you to speed up your purchases at the counter by simply saying, “put it on my account” and signing. You’ll also appreciate that RWC provides monthly statements to help you better track business expenses that could get difficult with separate invoices for every purchase (of course we offer those too if you need or prefer).

    Best of all, credit and tradesman accounts opened at RWC Building Products in Prescott Valley can be used at any RWC location. And with locations throughout the Southwest, this means you can enjoy fast checkout, easy billing, and special discounts on building materials and supplies wherever your job takes you throughout Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico. If you’re looking to expand your service area in the Southwest, make sure you inquire about a credit or tradesman account with RWC before you do so you can be confident that you’ll always have access to the best prices on the best selection of building materials and supplies wherever you are.

    Becoming a Contractor in Prescott Valley? Keep RWC in Mind!

    Although RWC Building Products caters to professionals, we are also open to the public, which means you can visit us for all the supplies, materials, tools, and accessories you’ll need once you become a contractor. If you’re just starting out and looking to gain a foothold in the industry, a job with RWC could be a great first step. In addition to increasing your knowledge about building products and supplies, you’ll also have the opportunity to talk with experienced tradespeople and building professionals while enjoying a competitive salary, medical and dental benefits, 401(k), life insurance, disability insurance, and paid time off.

    Interested in learning more? Check out our current open positions and apply online, or give us a call if you learn more about any of the open positions at our location in Prescott Valley.