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    RWC Building Products Featured in News

    May 30, 2010 – Phoenix Business Journal

    Roofing Wholesale opening high-end design center in Scottsdale


    Despite the housing slowdown, Phoenix-based Roofing Wholesale Co. has identified a demand for upscale products and is opening its first high-end design center in Scottsdale next month.

    RWC provides roofing, stone flooring and stucco materials to commercial and residential builders and designers. The 50-year-old company has three other locations in Arizona, but the new facility will target a different customer base.

    The new center, at Williams Drive and Scottsdale Road in North Scottsdale, cost $250,000 to build. The company renovated a former warehouse into a 6,200-square-foot showroom to display materials for high-end custom-home builders, designers, renovators and owners. RWC Vice President George Keeley calls it “revolutionary.”

    RWC spokesman Robert Brennan said the facility will feature opulent mosaic work, inlaid tile floors and an indoor fountain. It also will have private consultation rooms where architects and contractors can meet with clients to review larger-scale examples of various products.

    “We can literally lay out an entire floor, if need be,” said Brennan.
    The showroom, which will provide five new jobs initially and up to 20 as business increases, will be central to the company’s growth, Brennan said, adding it could lead to other upscale design centers in years to come.
    RWC has been on a growth course. Brennan said the company had $100 million in revenue last year, and executives expect the new design center to help RWC exceed last year’s sales.

    Even with the slumped housing market and weak economy, Brennan said a market remains for high-end homes and products — especially in Scottsdale, which has an abundance of architects and contractors looking for high-end work. Business is picking up again, he said.

    “We are getting lots of back orders,” said Brennan. “Primarily residential, but even the commercial side is beginning to take off.”

    Mark Candelaria, principal architect at Phoenix-based Candelaria Design, said the Valley’s luxury-home building business has been slow since 2006, but he is beginning to see more work in remodeling. Renovation jobs make up about 80 percent of Candelaria’s current work load, and he said guest houses are becoming increasingly popular.

    Candelaria said it might be a little late to start up a design center focusing on new builds in the high-end market, but if it also worked in renovation materials, it could pay off.

    RWC also operates designer showrooms mainly for builders in Nevada, California and New Mexico.

    RWC Building Products Purchases Inventory From Closed Tile Manufacturing Facility.

    As the clean-up begins from  the recent storms that passed through the Valley, homeowners receive a little guidance on what to look for when assessing the damage.


    October 14, 2010 -Phoenix,AZ– Over a week has past since the monumental hail storm ripped through the Valley of the Sun, but homeowner’s are still faced with repairs.  While some homeowners may have only seen downed trees in their yard or downed power lines in their neighborhood, it is still important for the informed homeowner to check their roof for the potential of hidden damage.  RWC Building Products, a Phoenix-based building materials distributor for the southwest, is offering homeowners tips on how to properly assess the damage to their roofs.  “It is important that homeowners take the recent storm seriously, and carefully look for potential damage to various parts of their roof, “said President of RWC Building Products, Steve Binder.  Additionally, noted Steve, “if a certified contractor looks at the roof and finds fractures or exposed fiberglass mat, the homeowner can submit a claim to their homeowner’s insurance policy saving them from costly repairs in the future.”

    Taking a proactive approach can help homeowners save thousands of dollars in future costly repairs that can be traced to minor damage caused by hail storm.  Most major shingle manufacturer warranties specifically exclude storm damage from warranty coverage further expressing the importance of proper assessment of the roof.  If a homeowner is not able to hire a reputable and licensed contractor due to financial reasons, below are a few tips to help them evaluate the damage and then take the appropriate steps from there:

    • Granule loss –very loose granules or complete loss of granules in areas can expose the asphalt coating to the environment and result in accelerated aging and premature deterioration of the shingles.
    • Surface depressions – indentations or depressions seen on sections of the roof either throughout or in clusters.  Look for indentations on metal flashings, siding, chimney caps, or even skylight flashings – these can be signs of future problems with exposed asphalt compromising the life of the shingles.
    • Cracks in the granule-asphalt surfacing – may have been caused by strong winds.
    • Exposed fiberglass mat –exposed sections of mat, however small, can result in tears radiating from the points of impact.

    If homeowners have additional concerns or questions regarding any damage to their roofs, it is best to call a local, licensed roofing contractor to assess the situation. RWC Building Products works with the Valley’s best roofers and general contractors and can assist a homeowner with a referral of a reputable, reliable company to meet their every need. RWC has posted these and additional tips to help homeowners on their website www.rwcbuildingproducts.com.  One call to RWC will put a homeowner on the right path to repairing and rebuilding their roof in the safest, most efficient, and cost effective manner to protect their investment.  Consumers can call Monday – Friday from 6:00 am – 4:30 pm and Saturday from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm to the corporate office (602) 258-3794.  RWC has locations in Phoenix,Scottsdale,Mesa,Tucson, and coming soon to Prescott Valley and is open to the public.  They offer rooftop delivery and also an expansive 5 acre area called the “bone yard” for customers needing to replace hard to find or obsolete, missing or broken roof tile.



    March 2011

    Cool Roof Shingles Just Got Cooler at RWC With A 60% Reduction In Price.

    RWC is promoting energy star qualified shingles for valley homes just in time for the hot summer months.  Customers can save over 60% on energy efficient singles and receive a $500 tax credit.


    March 28, 2011 – Phoenix, AZ – RWC Building Products announced this week that it will offer, for a limited time only, its energy star® qualified GAF brand shingles at drastically reduced pricing to garner interest in the market for cool roofs. “Living in Arizona, valley homeowners can really benefit from cool roofs that will save them over 15% on their energy bills.  In addition, homeowner’s aren’t spending any additional money for these cost-reducing shingles that also makes them eligible for tax credit of up to $500. The specially-designed roofing granules manufactured by GAF have greater reflectance than traditional shingles that minimizes the transfer of heat to the space below – keeping valley homes cooler in the summer.  At the height of the summer months, homeowners can even see savings up to 50% on their energy consumption according to the GAF website.

    The reduced pricing opens the potential for more homeowners to take advantage of cost-saving measures which are not only good for their pocket-books but also for the environment.  Cool roofs help lessen the “heat island effect” in which urban areas with the heat-absorbing building and paved areas are hotter than rural areas. Homeowners, home builders, and contractors alike are seeing the benefits of installing cool-roof shingles and sustainable products on homes.


    About RWC Building Products

    RWC Building Products is an independently owned and operated distribution company of residential and commercial roofing materials, natural stone flooring, and Cantera stone. RWC has a total of 12 distribution centers throughout the Southwest in Arizona, California, Nevada and New Mexico. RWC is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and has been a leading distributor in the valley since 1958.



    April 2011

    RWC Building Products Opens Facility in Prescott Valley

    Phoenix based building materials distributor opens a showroom and distribution center in Prescott Valley, Arizona.  The facility caters to roofing contractors, designers, architects, home builders and consumers alike. 


    April 1, 2011 –Phoenix, AZ– RWC Building Products, formerly known as Roofing Wholesale Company, Inc., a building materials distributor in the valley since 1958 announces the opening of a new store in Prescott Valley,Arizona.  The new facility, located at 773 South Bennett Drive is just half of a mile east of AZ-69 off of the AZ-169 highway.  Opening on Monday, April 4, 2011, the branch, part of 12 locations in the Southwest for RWC Building Products, boasts a 6,000 square foot showroom along with 15,000 square feet of warehouse space situated on 5 acres of property.  An extensive line of roofing materials, natural stone flooring, and equipment will be on display in the showroom that is open to trade professionals and the public alike.

    The showroom is open to the public Monday – Friday from 7:00 am – 4:30 pm and Saturdays from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm.  While cosmetic updates are still underway, Branch Manager, Doug Lewis says that the facility is fully functional and completely stocked and ready to serve customers.

    This is the second major store opening within the past year for RWC Building Products – they opened a large designer showroom in the heart of Scottsdale in June of 2010.  All RWC stores display an assortment of residential and commercial building materials along with natural stone flooring and Cantera stone products.


    About RWC Building Products

    RWC Building Products is an independently owned and operated distribution company of residential and commercial roofing materials, natural stone flooring, and Cantera stone. RWC has a total of 12 distribution centers throughout the Southwest in Arizona, California, Nevada and New Mexico. RWC is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and has been a leading distributor in its distribution markets since 1958.


    April 2011

    Valley Distributor Offers Large Selection of Outdoor Flooring

    Phoenix based RWC Building Products sells high-end slate and travertine pavers at all five its valley showrooms. 


    April 12, 2011 –Phoenix, AZ– RWC Building Products, formerly known as Roofing Wholesale Company, Inc., a building materials distributor in the valley since 1958 offers an assortment of outdoor flooring and surrounds such as travertine pavers, slate pavers, medallions, fieldstone, and cantera stone.  “Valley homeowners can enjoy outdoor living and create a sanctuary in their backyards with the various outdoor building materials available,” said Craig Binder, Vice President of RWC’s natural stone flooring division.  “Entry level pricing starting around $1.00 per piece on some products makes outdoor additions a viable option for many homeowners.”

    Valley designers, contractors, and remodelers can see displays of outdoor flooring at RWC’s corporate headquarters in Phoenix or at their other locations in Scottsdale, Mesa, Tucson, and now also in Prescott Valley.

    These flooring options are used not only in residences but also by local valley businesses such as the Wigwam hotel in Litchfield Park, Arizona.  The Wigwam installed travertine pavers around its luxurious pools as part of multi-million dollar rejuvenation project in 2010. The use of these travertine pavers purchased through RWC Building Products adds to the ambience and resort environment the hotel helps to achieve.


    About RWC Building Products

    RWC Building Products is an independently owned and operated distribution company of residential and commercial roofing materials, natural stone flooring, and Cantera stone. RWC has a total of 12 distribution centers throughout the Southwest in Arizona, California, Nevada and New Mexico. RWC is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and has been a leading distributor in its distribution markets since 1958.


    September 4, 2012

    RWC Building Products is experiencing significant growth, despite the challenging economy. Having been in the Valley since 1958, originally as Roofing Wholesale Co., the organization is on the cusp of celebrating the Grand Opening of its twelfth location in Scottsdale – its very first Design Center.

    In the last decade, RWC Building Products has expanded its product offerings, beyond roofing supplies, to incorporate Natural Stone Products, such as travertine, slate, onyx, Limestone, Glass Decors etc.

    It is due to this product expansion that the company found it necessary to facilitate a name change to better portray its broader product offering. Today RWC Building Products offers so much more than just roofing products, as the original name depicted.

    This division’s growth potential initiated the concept of establishing a Design Center in Scottsdale to predominantly showcase these flooring products as well as provide a conveniently located, state-of-the-art facility where the trade can visit, bring their customers to see product samples, work on design creations, utilize the planning and meeting rooms and enjoy the functions held on the gorgeous fully equipped patio. The facility even hosts a suitably designed children’s playroom.

    RWC Building Product’s Scottsdale Design Center is expected to be the first of many design centers established throughout the Western Region. RWC Building Products now has twelve locations throughout Arizona, California, Nevada and New Mexico and is hence looking to establish Design Centers in all these markets based on the phenomenal success of it’s inaugural one in Scottsdale.



    September 4, 2012

    With sunshine for almost twelve months of the year, nine of which are glorious, Arizona is definitely an outdoor paradise. It is no wonder that many homeowners are creating their very own outdoor backyard haven.

    Many home owners are laying gorgeous travertine pavers, building gazebos, installing built-in barbeques, designing resort like floral settings and generally creating a beautiful and comfortable space right outside their back door.

    A large majority of homes in Phoenix and Scottsdale have built in pools, spas or both. A convenient outdoor space is fast becoming the best ‘room’ in the home!

    In light of this development in the design and building industry, RWC Building Products is one of the best sources for everything you need to create this peaceful space.

    From travertine pavers to Cantera Stone fountains and pillars, from splitface travertine and travertine tiles to creating a gorgeous built in barbecue using Wolff barbecue units, from exquisite patio furniture to roofing products, RWC offers it all… As part of their offering they have a full time custom Cantera Stone designer to help you and your clients create a backyard masterpiece. Together, RWC Building products and you can ensure that your next outdoor project is sensational.

    Given this growing trend, RWC building products is offering the most phenomenal raffle prize* at the upcoming Grand Opening of their Scottsdale Design Center on October 12, 2012. Celebrating the opening of their twelfth location, they are raffling off an entire backyard remodel. The prize is valued at approximately $7000 and includes decorative travertine pavers, a gazebo created from Cantera Stone Pillars and concrete roof tile; travertine tile to cover a built in barbecue station as well as a gorgeous custom designed Cantera Stone freestanding fountain.

    Some very lucky designer, architect or homebuilder is destined to win this amazing prize! RWC Building Products welcomes anyone in the trade to attend the function, just RSVP to RWCMarketing@RWC.org in order to be added to the invitation list.

    One lucky homeowner or contractor will win this backyard remodel on October 12th and will enjoy creating his or her own or some lucky client’s backyard sanctuary.

    *Some restrictions apply to raffle prize. For more details please contact RWCMarketing@RWC.org.