Safety Commitment

Safety Commitment

What is the RWC 360° Safety Pledge?

A proactive initiative aimed at building a culture that prioritizes the safety of our team members and the community as a whole by placing greater emphasis on fostering safety awareness, safety education, open communication, and accountability.

360 Safety Pledge

Why the RWC 360° Safety Pledge?

We value the safety of our team members and the community we serve, therefore, we want to take every step possible in order to ensure we maintain a safety-conscious environment.

How does this program work?

While safety has always been our top priority, open communication with the communities we serve will now be easier than ever with the addition of this new program. RWC vehicles will be outfitted with our safety email address encouraging customers, team members, and members of the community to provide feedback on our safety practices. All inquiries will be handled with a thorough review process, where proper feedback, training, and disciplinary action will be applied when deemed necessary by our safety team.

Who does the program apply to?

From the executive level down, our safety program applies to everyone at RWC. Our mission can’t be accomplished without everyone in the company prioritizing the safety of our team members, customers, and the community.

RWC Safety Pledge